A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Think you've seen all the internet has to offer? Probably not, so why not come play this now!!!!! TAANG is a somewhat....unusual game...in that, it doesn't have one specific type of gameplay, it is a platformer, FPS, racing game and multiplayer game you can play with others, all in one. Why go anywhere else?

As this game is currently a WIP, it is not (at this time) paid. However, in the future it will be, so anyone that downloads the game (for free) now, will get the full game for free.

All money earned from this game will go towards an expedition in 2019, in which I will be traversing Ecuador, and helping to build wells and schools and anything else the local communities need, in that area of the world. Many of the people there are far less fortunate than anyone that goes on this site (financially) and therefore, it would be great if you could buy this game when it comes out properly.

Please, please leave a review, telling me how I can improve, once I get it, I will begin working on the problem immediately.

Also find TAANG at any of the following locations:

Get it on Gamejolt,

Play online at Kongregate  - certain browsers only

Or look at our page on Humble.com,

Install instructions

To download, click the download button, and then it will begin. Once downloaded, open up the zip file, and then the .exe executable file. The game will then run.


TAANG Windows v0.2.0 154 MB
TAANG Mac v0.1.0 156 MB
TAANG Linux v0.1.0 172 MB
TAANG WEBGL v0.1.0 144 MB
TAANG Windows v0.3.0.zip 154 MB
TAANG Mac v0.3.0.zip 169 MB
TAANG Linux v0.3.0.zip 172 MB
Soundtrack (main) (new) 4 MB
Soundtrack (main) (old) 1 MB
Josh's special version.zip 219 MB

Development log


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Are you still alive?

Excellent question, honestly, I don’t even know

Deleted 2 years ago

thanks, appreciate it 

I love the music.  I love the tone and feel that it gives to the game

thanks, I appreciate that

I like this - it has the best music, the best

I feel that, if you continue to work on this to the degree that you have been, this will quickly gain popularity, and you will get the recognition you deserve

this isn't bad

I really like this and with time, I think a lot of others will too

First things first, this is a wip like, seeeeeeeeeeeriously wip. So, even though it might be terrible now, doesn't mean it will be by the end. 

If this is a work in progress, then I can't wait to see the actual game